Coleman Consulting Corporation, (CCC) is an independent actuarial consulting firm specializing in Retirement Plan Design and Administration. Our firm was established in 1977 by CJ Coleman, an Actuary who serves as Chairman. Since then, CCC has served over 2,900 companies and was given in total, the fiduciary responsiblity for over 76 Billion in private pension assets in the United States.

Besides our office located in Midtown Manhatten, we have offices in Long Island and affiliates in Massachusetts near Tufts University, all well staffed by Pension Actuaries and Consultants.

To assist us in servicing our many and varied clients, we are fully computerized for all types of defined benefit and defined contribution plans. Our Apple computer hardware with state of the art software has enabled us to supply our clients with timely results at a competitive fee.

In addition to plan design, feasibility studies and plan installation our scope of services include:

o Actuarial Consulting;

o Complete Plan Administration Services;

o Computer Services;

o Complete Estate Planning Services;

o Professional Seminars for Continuing Education Credit;

In all our work, our studies are tailored to the specific business, management and tax deductibility needs of the individual client, whether through the use of our IRS PRE-APPROVED Defined Benefit, 401(k) Profit Sharing and "Economy Package" Retirement Plans or by the utilization of an individually designed Retirement Plan or Plans where appropriate.