In light of the recent impact of federal legislation on firms in the United States, Coleman Consulting conducts Seminars, interpreting the implication of this legislation, which are eligible for Continuing Education Credit. The United States Government continues to assume an active role in establishing requirements for pension and profit sharing plans. Some of these requirements are a result of direct legislation such as the Pension Protection Act (PPA), the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and the Techincal Corrections Act (TCA). To compliment such legislation, the Internal Revenue Service has issued a number of Regulations and Rulings to clarify, restrict, or broaden the ramifications of retirement plans. As a result, the impact on employers has been substantial.

Our founder, CJ Coleman, an Actuary, has more than forty years of experience in the private pension and employee benefits field. While with Actuarial Certification Corporation in New York, Mr. Coleman served as the Managing Director of the Eastern Division. He also served as the "Private Pension Director" and "Third Party Consultant" for the four Largest Investment Institutions in New York. Mr. Coleman also managed the pension department for a fifth firm which was the number one "Pension Boutique Firm" in New York. Prior to founding Coleman Consulting Corporation, Mr. Coleman was given in total, the fiduciary responsiblity for over 76 Billion in private pension assets managed in over 2900 pension plans.

The combined experience of Coleman Consulting Corporation and their professional support staff continues to manage the pension departments for three small investment institutions in the Unites States including the previously mentioned "Pension Boutique Firm", another firm in Long Island and a third firm in Massachusetts near Tufts University. Coleman Consulting Corporation continues to be a sought-after, knowledgeable and practical resource in the pension field by the business community.